Landscape architects Brian Sawyer and Edmund Hollander both have a knack for creating gardens that rival the beauty of the residences they complement, and we’ve featured many of their works in the pages of Architectural Digest. So who better to ask for advice on creating a verdant oasis of your own? Here, the pros share three ways to create a striking outdoor space, whether you’re planning to build a small urban garden or a spacious poolside haven. All you need now are the right tools.

Functional fencing and stonework are a significant part of the scenery, so consider your materials carefully. “While Julianne Moore’s New York City garden is used often for play and entertaining, its primary function is to provide a beautiful year-round view from the house,” says Sawyer, who is a principal of Manhattan firm Sawyer | Berson. “This is reinforced through the use of evergreen plant material and antique stonework as well as a sculpted wood fence that has been stained black as a backdrop to the shrubs and white-bark birch trees.”

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